Couples Special by Habitat Apartments

Habitat Apartments Useful Tip #5 Barcelona

Couples Special by Habitat Apartments

Useful Tip 5 150x150 Couples Special by Habitat Apartments
Who is this for? – This is dedicated to couples who are coming to Barcelona with Habitat Apartments to spend some romantic days here. Many of them make a trip as a birthday or anniversary gift or surprise.
Our solution! – We can make your trip extra special by offering these services: 5-10% discount for Aire de Barcelona, a relaxing Arab Spa, a 10% discount at Café Princesa and and romantic food basket (with champagne, strawberries & chocolates, etc).

Cataluña Nord – The Pyrenees!

Pirineo Catalan Couples Special by Habitat ApartmentsAmong the many day trips Lifestyle Barcelona offers, a trip to the northern part of Cataluña (the Pyrenees) is by far one of the most memorable experiences on could have! A dramatic history of divisions and feuds over the land of paradise that has some of the most beautiful landscapes that Europe has to offer hidden away in the Pyrenees Mountains.


The Catalan Pyrenees has all the attractions that are characteristic of the area to which we should add its weather that is milder than the rest of the Pyrenees due to the influence of the Mediterranean, which gives it a good temperature and more light in comparison to other areas of the Pyrenees mountainous range.

A trip to the Pyrenees requires a full day period recommending a clear day where you can discover the treasures that will take your breath away. Starting from Barcelona you will travel away to the ancient settlement of Vic for a look at some of the spectacular sights of the renaissance and baroque buildings with a possibility of having breakfast in the center of town.

Your journey will then take you even further north towards the Pyrenees, passing oak and red pine forests and castles which have been around since before the first millennia. Moreover, the trip extends further in depth to different glaciers, lakes, and forests where you can chose a number of activities such as; horse riding, open air bowling, archery lessons or boating on the lake or just relax and some of the traditional Catalan dishes available in the valley’s restaurants.

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