Customs of the Barcelonese

Costumbres horarias en Barcelona

horario2 300x218 Customs of the BarceloneseAre you enjoying your holidays in Barcelona with Habitat apartments? Probably you'll need to know the customs and social habits of the Barcelones to enjoy each minute that you spend in this city.  What time do restaurants open & close? what about business hours? Even general times?….etc. Take note below:

Barcelona Mealtimes

In Barcelona, ​​as elsewhere in Spain, people tend to eat later than in other European countries. The first main meal of the day is breakfast. On vacation, breakfast is eaten between nine and eleven o'clock. Its usually lighter than in other European countries, equivalent to what hotels call a continental breakfast (orange juice, coffee and croissant or toast). Lunch is between two and three in the afternoon and dinner between nine and ten at night. Nevertheless, restaurant hours are also suitable for the rhythm of working life: you can eat lunch from one until four in the afternoon and dinner is served from nine up to twelve or so. There are many restaurants where you can eat any time of day making it easier for visitors to the city.

Business Hours

Shops in Barcelona open their doors at nine or ten o'clock and close for lunch at two in the afternoon (many stay open). After lunch, shop owners return to open their doors between four and five, and remain open until eight or nine. It should be noted, however, that the big shopping centers do not close for lunch and some are open until 10 pm. On Saturday afternoons, a few shops and all department stores are open, but they are generally closed on Sundays along with most everything else (tip: there is one shopping centre open on Sundays, 'Maremagnum' if you can't wait until Monday to go shopping!), except on some specific dates that the stores have permission to open.

Event times

  • Theaters and cinemas

    On weekdays, cinemas regularly schedule four showings between four and ten. However, on weekends, some theaters have matinees beginning at approximately noon, and AM showings that usually start at midnight.
    The theaters feature a daily presentation, usually between nine and half past ten in the evening on weekdays and on Sundays between six and seven. In some, especially on Saturdays, there are two showings. The first is about six or seven o'clock and the second between nine and ten at night.

  • Clubs and Pubs (with music!)

    The pubs and bars with music generally open in the afternoon until 2:30 to 3:00 am, and clubs open shortly before midnight and close around five or six in the morning.

Social Habits of the Barcelonese

Although more and more locals prefer to go out at night on weekdays, Fridays and Saturdays are main nights for crazy nightlife. Although lately, Thursdays at some places are usually very crowded. The evening can begin with a dinner at a restaurant, then continue with attending a play, a concert or a bar for the first drink, and end up in a nightclub or similar local jazz hot spot.

Sunday morning is the day for exploring the city. Barcelonese do not usually go out for tapas, like they do in other Spanish cities, but instead it is customary to have a snack on a terrace on a sunny day or inside a bar or cafe if the weather is bad. However, for many locals, the weekend may also be synonymous with getting away from the city.


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