December in Rome – write your own Christmas story

christmas lights rome

Christmas season is on the agenda again. The weather is getting colder, and you spend more time at home lying on the couch watching movies: Harry Potter Part 1-7 II; Love Actually; How the Grinch Stole Christmas and so on. The TV guide offers you the best. But wouldn't it be nice to create your own movie – your own story?

Think about it: You are in Rome on your own looking for the love of your life – You are in Rome with your bestfriend spending the best time of your life –  You are in Rome with your partner, loving each other, fighting, almost splitting up, and at the end falling in love with each other even deeper than before – Or you are in Rome with the whole family; everyone is driving you crazy; you are fighting and laughing with each other; but in the end it's Christmas and you recognize that you love all of them… 

christmas lights rome December in Rome   write your own Christmas story
Christmas lights, Rome

Whatever your story is, you will find out in Rome. So, come to the city in December, experience the unique atmosphere and write your own story! We prepared a list for you with all the events coming to the city.

For example, your story could start at the Christmas Market at Piazza Navona. You are strolling along the wooden stalls forcing your way through the crowd. You are drinking mulled wine or hot chocolate, tasting delicious food, buying some small handmade Christmas gifts, when suddenly…Well, this is your part!

You spend your time in Rome doing some Christmas shopping. There are so many shopping opportunities in Italy's capital. Where can Christmas shopping be more fun than here? At Via del Corso you will find everything the heart desires and at Via dei Condotti you will swim in luxory: Prada, Gucci and more.

A romantic place to spend the first date or just a nice afternoon could be for example the Ice skating rink near Castell Sant' Angelo. Gliding over the ice or tripping and stumbling – getting closer and closer to each other. Later you can warm your frozen hands with a hot chocolate or mulled wine.

However, the whole city of Rome will be lit up like a Christmas tree. There will be Christmas lights throughout the city. One of the nicest things to do in Rome in December is strolling around the streets and soaking up the fantastic atmosphere. 

Another great thing in winter is that there are not so many tourists. You will see almost only local people in the streets, and you will recongnize that Rome does even seem to be a different city. There are no long queues in front of museums and sights. Public places are not that crowded anymore, and the most spoken language you hear will be Italian. So, it's your time now to visit all those nice places: Vatican museum, St. Peter's Basilica or maybe a museum. At MACRO, a museum for contemporary art, you will find an exhibition called Big Bambû until December 31. Go for it!

As I have already told you, December in Rome is the local season. So what do you think about pretending to be one of the locals strolling through the festively decorated streets, visiting Nativity scenes in almost every church. There are also several holidays on the agenda in December. On December 8, 25 and 26, you will find several parades and processions in the streets. And the chance to see the pope is actually very high on those days. 

sant peters square rome December in Rome   write your own Christmas story

The highlight of your Christmas story could take place at St.Peter's Square during the Pope's annual Christmas address at 12pm on December 25. The square will be crowded on this day, but you should definitely attend it if you are in Rome during Christmas. The tickets are always for free, but you have to reserve your tickets in advance. Even so, you should arrive early and maybe bring a hot cup of chocolate, tea or coffee to keep you warm St. Peter's Square, Rome                                                           during the waiting hours. 

Listening to the Pope's festive words about peace, Christmas and love, holding your dearest friends, person or family close to you and tell them how much you love them. Because this is what Christmas is about, isn't it? 
And after all, this might be also a nice end for your story…

Another end for you story could take place on New Year's eve, celebrating with your dearest people in the streets. There are multiple concerts and performances in the streets of Rome, all starting around 9.30pm. For example, the ponte Sant' Angelo is the perfect choice for classical music lovers. Listening to music by Vivaldi, Handel, Mozart ect. you can profess your love to your partner or just kiss your love tenderly at midnight. Or you are celebrating with your friends – having the best night of your life!

What do you think about this story? However, it's your turn now. Come to Rome in December, have a nice time in the city, and write your own Christmas story. It doesn't matter if it is going to be a drama, comedy or a romantic fairy tale. We are looking forward to hearing your story!

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