December in Venice – dive deep in the city’s local life

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The time of the crowded streets in Venice is over. The time when thousands of tourists were strolling through the small streets has gone. Winter has come to Venice, and has covered the city under a blanket of fog…

In December, you can visit the city under a lightly grayed sky when fog lingers through the canals creating a mysterious and eerie atmosphere. But it gives Venice also this kind of touch that makes the city so unique. The time has come for you to visit the city in a new way pretending to be one of the locals and to get to know the city besides sightseeing and tourist attractions. Come to Venice in December, and dive deep in the fog and the city's life!

What can be better on a foggy day than starting it with a cup of hot chocolate? After doing so, the day will definitely turn out well. Have a look at all the possible activities you can do in Venice in December.

christmas murano venice December in Venice   dive deep in the citys local lifeChristmas baubles, Murano

December in Venice means also that there will be Pre-Christmas season in the city. This means again that the city will be lit up by Christmas lights and a large Christmas tree with about 20,000 lights in Piazzetta dei Leoncini. For a little stroll through the city, we recommend you St.Mark's Square where you find daily Christmas lighting from sunset to midnight. The arcades of this Square will be fully decorated with all kind of lights and snowflakes. It is definitely a walk worth it, and maybe even a bit of snow will catch you by surprise…

The Venetians love Ice Skating. From December to January 2015, the ice rink is set up in Campo San Polo and will be open every day. There is also a skate rental, where you can rent the skates if you don't bring your own. 

What do you think about a short trip to Murano for a few hours? The island of the famous glassworks will be also decorated for the holy season. There you can marvel at a Christmas tree made out of glass, and maybe you will find some little Christmas presents for friends and family.

What would be Venice in December without a lovely Classical concert? Fortunately, the city offers several nice events. You can attend events like Violins in Venice, La Traviata, Vivaldi and Opera and more. Dress a little bit up and feel like one of the Venetians sitting in the audience of a concert or opera! 

After a wonderful day strolling through the city like local people, there is only one thing missing – something to eat. And as we are not only looking for something to eat but for some special and delicious food, we recommend you the following two restaurants.

Dal Moro's 
At this place, you can get fresh Pasta to go. There are no tables and not even a toilet, but the `pasta they make is really good! You can choose the pasta and a sauce. Your plate will be cooked right in front of you, and you can watch the staff preparing your meal out of fresh ingredients. 

If you prefer a cosy dinner sitting in a nice restaurant, we recommend you Ristorante Beccafico Arte offering a Mediterrenaen Cuisine. This restaurant might be a little bit more expensive than others, but it offers also an excellent service and very delicious food and wine. Last but not least, there are even some tables overlooking the canal which makes the place even to a better spot.  

After the delicious dinner, there is nothing else to do than going home and fall in a food coma on your bed or sofa. If you are still looking for an aparment in Venice, Habitat Apartments offers you several places to stay. Below you can see the Bia Marcuola Apartment for up to 6 people.

bia marcuola apartment barcelona bedroom December in Venice   dive deep in the citys local life

Bia Marcuola Apartment, bedroom


© image: Juliette Gibert (flickr)


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