Discover Barcelona by Bike!

Discover Barcelona by bike!

A great and sustainable way to see all the beauty this city has to offer is by bike.  You will get to have a lot of fun, a chance to socialize and be entertained by your local guide and to top it off you will have some exercise! Lifestyle Barcelona takes you on a 3 hour bike tour and shows you Barcelona’s most famous landmarks.
The tour starts in the heart of Barcelona with an introduction about the legendary history of Barcelona, afterwards you hop on a bike and begin your journey to some of Barcelona's most renowned sights. The journey will lead you from the breathtaking beauty of the Sagrada Familia to the gothic darkness of the Cathedral.  An expert local guide will tell you the enchanting stories of the city where you might have heard of and those stories which you never heard before! After you've worked up a sweat, you will have the chance to stop at a Barcelona beach bar and quench your thirst with an ice cold drink! The bike tour is also a great opportunity for the ones who have little time but still want to discover all the highlights of Barcelona. Sport fanatic or not, this is the perfect getaway for everybody!

Enjoy and discover Barcelona by bike with lifestyle

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