Discover Some Great Things to Do in Madrid This June


Madrid is a great city that never disappoints with its wide variety of things to do. Summer is just around the corner and so each week this capital city becomes more and more lively. Read on to discover some great things to do in Madrid this June!


segway tour Discover Some Great Things to Do in Madrid This June



One of the best new and modern ways to visit cities is on a Segway. Segways are 2 wheeled vehicles which are incredibly easy to control and are suitable for people of all ages. They are fun, safe and allow you to see much more of the city in less time. There are many different tours available that vary in length and route and also even one that included tapas on the way! Click on the link to find more information about Segway Tours.  


National Archaeological Museum of Spain

The National Archaeological Museum of Spain (Museo Arqueológico Nacional) is a museum in Madrid,Spain, which is now open after its renovations. It is located beside the Plaza de Colón (Columbus Square), sharing its building with the National Library.

The museum was founded in 1867 by a Royal Decree of Isabella II, and its purpose was to be a depository for numismatic, archaeological, ethnographical and decorative art collections compiled by the Spanish monarchs.

The collection includes, among others, Pre-historic, Egyptian, Celtic, Iberian, Greek and Roman antiquities and medieval (Visigothic, Muslim and Christian) objects.

museo arqueologico nacional madrid Discover Some Great Things to Do in Madrid This June


For more information or to buy tickets for the National Archaeological Museum of Spain click here


Maroon 5

Barclaycard Center (Palacio de Deportes), Madrid, Spain

15th June 20.00

This June the world famous band Maroon 5 are playing in Madrid. If you are interested in seeing Maroon 5 live you can buy tickets here.


Spandau Ballet

Barclaycard Center (Palacio de Deportes), Madrid, Spain 

18th June 20.00

As well as Maroon 5, Spandau Ballet are also in Madrid a few days later and although they are different styles of music they are both great bands. For tickets to see Spandau Ballet live click here


Madrid Food Tours 

A Madrid Food Tour is a guided cultural walking tour that gives guests the opportunity to learn about real Spanish cuisine, its history, and taste some of the best food Madrid has to offer. The tours will take you to a mix of Madrid's most famous foodie stops as well as tiny, family-run gems. And because good food is so much more than ingredients, you’ll get to meet the passionate locals who are dedicated to creating this city's cuisine. Our English-speaking guides are all experts on Madrid and its food. And because the group tours are small,you’ll get quality time with your guide. Each tour offers an excellent variety of tastings, tapas and local drinks.


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