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We don't believe in 2012' end of world

fin del mundo El Fin del Mundo Bar in Madrid

But we want to recommend you a really nice place to spend some of your time this year when in Madrid: its name sounds a bit apocalyptic, yet you find yourself in a pleasant and enjoyable bar, where, at most, the world would end with a toast, a smile and a good song!

If you are looking for a nice bar, with cheap prices, friendly atmosphere, good music and tasty food where starting the night in Madrid, El Fin del Mundo is definitely the perfect one.

Located in the heart of lively Lavapiés district, since opened few years ago this bar it's become really popular.

Who already knows about Madrid has surely discovered this particularly magical area. Multicultural by definition, Lavapiés  was, in the middle ages, an Arab and Jewish neighbourhood located outside of the city's walls.

metro lavapies El Fin del Mundo Bar in Madrid

In the last 30 years it was renovated and became, and still is, a young bohemian and alternative area. So, going out at night in Lavapiés is the perfect way to enjoy the most autenthic madrilenian mood.

El Fin del Mundo literally means the end of the world, but here generally nights start.

Beers (cañas) are 1.50 € and they offer good food such as toasts and humus. Gourmands can enjoy a hazelnut cream extremely popular in Spain named Nocilla, serced on toasted bread as at home!

nocilla El Fin del Mundo Bar in Madrid

You will surely be attracted by the walls of the bar, always full of photos, due to temporal expositions they usually organize.

Music is always really good: rock, blues, jazz, it depends by the night and the time. Anyway the quality never drops and the volume always allows to enjoy a conversation. So it is specially pleasent enjoyng a good company at El Fin del Mundo, drinking some beers, eating something and enjoying a good selection of music and pictures.

el fin del mundo madrid El Fin del Mundo Bar in Madrid


C/Doctor Fourquet 28

Metro: Lavapies

Tel: (+34) 915281624
Tue – Sun 19:00 – 02:00

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