El Rey León in Madrid only available until December 2013?

The Musical “The Lion King” will probably sell the last tickets for December

the lion king

Nearly everybody has heard of it at least once. The Lion King – El Rey León; The famous musical by Julie Taymor. The musical to the correspondent movie fascinates old and young, with its fancy costumes and its gooseflesh-creating music by Elton John and Tim Rice. This piece of art collected up to 70 awards worldwide within its 15 years and attracts millions of people.

Live music, impressive actors, beautiful stage art and creative costumes make the musical a unique one. The story of Simba is told with a love for details. Africa is shaped within a city and the dances and songs by the actors support this feeling to be in the middle of this country.

Madrid the lion king2  madrid the lion king3

The Teatro Lope de Vega launched the Lion King two years ago in 2011. The end for the musical within the theatre is probably near. Tickets are currently available until the 1st of December. Afterwards the performances in Madrid might end and the musical team will move on through Spain.

Tickets are very popular. Hence, if you would like to see a show you should buy tickets early to get a nice place within the hall. There are different categories available and therefore also different prices. Additionally, the prices differ from season to season as well as from day to day. You might spend 90€ for a ticket, but you are also able to spend up to 150€ for a ticket. It’s up to you!


the lion king2 


If you still have time this year, you should make sure to see the performances. Who knows when they leave Madrid…

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