EL Tanguito Restaurant in Marbella

tanguito restaurant Marbella

Tango, Grilled meat and dulce de leche in one night!

tanguito restaurant Marbella 300x225 EL Tanguito Restaurant in Marbella

The Tanguito Restaurant in Marbella is an amazing place where the specialties are food, music and dance from Argentina. It is located in the historic center of Marbella, near the famous Plaza de los Naranjos.

The restaurant has several levels, on the ground floor entrance on the left have a bar-pub where you can take either an aperitif before dinner or getting on a drink after dinner. A first floor, which is the restaurant, and another plant that used as a summer terrace.

tanguito restaurant EL Tanguito Restaurant in Marbella

The menu is clearly for Argentina and one of the recommended dishes are the famous Empanadas Argentinas, grilled meat and for a sweet desert el dulce de leche ("sweet of milk").

More information:

Opening hours: Monday to Saturnday:  from 19:30hs.

Address: C/Buitrago, 2 Marbella

Phone: 952 86 35 20

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