Events in Barcelona July 2016

Summer has finally arrived in Barcelona! July in Barcelona means many outdoor events and activities all around the city, such as music festivals, various annual local festivals, the festival of performing art and so on! In order to discover the best events in July in Barcelona, we made a selection just for you!


Música als Parcs (Music in the parks)
(June, July and August)

One of the outdoor activities that takes place throughout July (also June and August) is the Música als Parcs festival. As part of this festival, all sort of outdoor concerts are organized in various parks in the city. All concerts are free of entry.

Musica als parcs G Events in Barcelona July 2016

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The annual Poble Sec Fiesta

One of the most charming areas in Barcelona is the Poble Sec area. However, the Poble Sec area is not a popular area among tourists. Despite not being a touristic area, the Poble Sec area celebrates its annual fiesta in mid-July. There are many various events, one of the highlights are the many outdoor concerts. When you decide to visite this lovely fiesta, do not forget to visit Carrer Blai, where you will find many bars and restaurants with outdoor terraces.

Festa Major del Poble Sec 2013 Events in Barcelona July 2016

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The annual El Raval fiesta
(Mid-July 2016)

Another annual local area fiesta will be held in the El Raval area of Barcelona. El Raval is also an area that is not quite popular among tourists, however it is also one of the most central disctrics in Barcelona. Throughout the festival, the Raval neighbourhood organises various events. The most interesting events are the events connected to discovering the culturale heritage of the area and also concerts. The majority of the events takes place on the Rambla, where you will also find the great sculpture of ´El Gat´ (The Cat) by Fernando Botero.

fiesta rambladelraval Events in Barcelona July 2016

Fiesta Rambla del Raval. (2016). [image] Available at: [Accessed 14 Jun. 2016].


Sala Montjuïc
(Various days throughout July 2016)

On various days throughout July, there are open-air cinema screenings held at the Castle Montjuïc. These open-air cinema screenings are one of the events that are very popular among tourist and locals. The open-air cinema is set-up with a huge screen and the screenings always take place after it gets dark. All films are shown in their original language with Spanish subtitles. Before the screening, there are short sets of live music to keep you entertained.

Going to one of the open-air screenings at Castle Montjuïc is more than only watching a movie: it is also a social evening which you can enjoy together with your partner, friends, family or all of them together as one group. A lot of families decide to make a picnic out of the event and take tupperwares with their own food and drinks.

The entree for this lovely event is €6. To buy tickets, you can visit their website.

salamontjuic 1 Events in Barcelona July 2016

Sala Montjuïc, (2016). Sala Montjuïc. [image] Available at: [Accessed 17 Jun. 2016].


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