Exposición ‘Tapies’. Galería Antonio Suñer

Exposición de Arte 'Tapies'. Galería Antonio Suñer. Madrid

Tàpies Exhibition. Madrid

tapies full exposicion Exposición Tapies. Galería Antonio Suñer

Selection of works by the Catalan artist between 1966 and 1994
Gallery Antonio Suñer. C / Wafer, 43. Madrid. 01/14/2011 to 04/07/2011

Through a selection of work by Tàpies between 1966 and 1994, the exhibition offers the opportunity to review the history of the Catalan artist. Author of one of the most personal of art styles, Antoni Tàpies (Barcelona, 1923) is internationally recognized as a figure of influence for the evolution of art history in the second half of the twentieth century. Precursor of  Povera and Conceptualism Art, insistent researcher forms, space and matter, Tàpies makes his work became  an essential door to the new art trends.

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