February 2016 in Barcelona – An opportunity to avoid or celebrate Carnival

Carnival Sitges February 2016

February in Barcelona could be the great opportunity to escape from the clownish Carnival parties in your hometown. However, it could also be a chance to discover the Catalan way of celebrating Carnival at only  just 15km outside Barcelona.  


Barcelona is the great opportunity for the people who want to avoid the clownish party in their own city. On the other side, The real lovers of Carnival have the opportunity to take the trip to the village ¨Sitges¨ which is only 15km away from Barcelona and a very popular Catalan place to celebrate Carnival. 

Carnival is celebrated in almost the whole world. The name of the festival is officially refffering to carne vale (Which means farewell to meat), During those days, the idea is to eat and drink as much as you can before the fasting begins. 
The funny costumes, are one of the many reasons to witness this special event during the month of February.

Calendar Carnival

04.02.2016: Dirty Thursday (Jueves Ladero)
08.02.2016: Shrove Monday
10.02.2016: Ash Wednesday

Carnival Sitges February 2016

El Foro

El Foro is a meeting point for gastronomy, art and culture. Located in El Born for a decade, the restaurant welcomes us in a bistrot-like atmosphere divided into different spaces and a decor that is part of its charm. The large menu of the restaurant offers meat imported from Argentina, Italian artisan pasta, pizza, grilled cheese, salads and home-made desserts at very reasonable prices. Every month there are art exhibitions, as well as live performances depending on the time of the year.

El Foro Barcelona February 2015

Hiking the Montjuïc

The Montjuïc provides you one of the greatest views over the city of Barcelona, but it takes some work to finally reach the top of this impressing mountain. During this walk, you will discover the buildings of the 1992 Olympic games. On top of the hill, you will find the the famous Olympic stadium and off course you will have enough chance to discover of the natural surroundings. The best place to start your journey will be at Plaza España, The best place to start your journey will be the at Plaza España, Which is on the foot of this impressive mountain.

Montjuïc February 2016

Photo by mbell1975 on Flickr

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Bailen Attic Habitat Apartments February 2016

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