February in Amsterdam

de coolest baan van nederland

You will spend some days in Amsterdam this February and are wondering, what you can do in this city? We will give you some tips and reveal the best places to go to you.

De Coolste Baan van Nederland:  De coolste Baan van Nederland, translated: “the coolest rink in the Netherlands”, is an ice skating rink in the Olympic stadium in Amsterdam. It will open on the first of February and remain so during one month until the second of March.

de coolest baan van nederland February in Amsterdam

In the rink, up to 350 people can ice-skate and enjoy a nice day in the Olympic stadium. Each day, the Stadium offers a special program. On Tuesdays, for example, Amsterdam music is being played and appetizer, beer and bread can be bought.  Each Thursday, a DJ puts on good music and a beautiful lightshow. You can find the full program online. The ice rink in the Olympic stadium is perfect to spend a day full of fun and joy in Amsterdam. 

Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day is coming soon and there are many things to do in Amsterdam. If you want to have a romantic, nice day with your beloved, go on the love boat trip. The love boat cruises the canals in Amsterdam and the trip can be done during the day or at night. It is probably one of the best ways to discover the city; this is why the boats are considered as one of the favorite touristic attractions in Amsterdam.

boat trip night February in Amsterdam

Find the ideal trip for you here and spend a wonderful Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam.

James Arthur on concert: James Arthur is a singer and musician who became known because he won the British casting show The X Factor in 2012. His debut single “Impossible” has been released after the final of the show and became the number one on the UK Single Charts, having been sold 2.5 million times all over the world.

james arthur February in Amsterdam

This year, he is touring through Europe and will be in Amsterdam on the 24th of February. Tickets cost 39€ and can be bought here.

Rembrandt – Auerbach: Raw Truth: Since December 2013, an exhibition of Auerbach’s paintings can be visited in the Rijksmuseum. The exhibition will be open until the 16th of March and is a wonderful way to spend your time in Amsterdam. Frank Auerbach was born in 1931 in Berlin. In 1939, his parents sent him to Britain where he lived in London from 1947 on. Today, he is considered as one of the most important British painters since the Second World War. At the beginning of the 1960s, he became inspired by Rembrandt who used to paint the raw truth, so he started to do the same thing. The picture below shows his painting “Primrose Hill Summer Sunshine” which originated in 1964.

auerbach February in Amsterdam

You can find the prices and opening hours of the Rijksmuseum here.

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We wish you a nice stay in Amsterdam, enjoy the beautiful city!

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