February in Florence


What does Florence offer in February, which are the best places and events to go to? We will reveal these secrets for you and hope that you will enjoy your stay in this wonderful city.

Fiera del Cioccolato Artigianale: The Chocolate fair in Florence is a wonderful event. It takes place from the 7th of February until the 16th of February at Piazza di Santa Maria Novella in the city centre of Florence. The chocolate fair is like heaven for chocolate lovers; chocolate of every color, form and shape can be found, dozens of stands offer flowing warm chocolate fondue, artistic chocolate statues, pure melted chocolate served in cones and every type of chocolate bar, and shape, one can imagine.

pralinen February in Florence

Find more information about the chocolate fair online and enjoy this amazing event in Florence.

Hot Statues sculpture, body, action – 1945-2013: The exhibition Hot Statues sculptures, body, action – 1945-2013 can be visited in the Marino Marini Museum in Florence since the 19th of January until the 8th of March. The exhibition shows works of Italian artists which have been created in order to be destroyed and manipulated – trodden, grabbed, kicked.  Marco Mazzoni, Italian performer and artist, designed an “instruction manual” on how to use these works. The manual is available for the visitors. Find more information about the exhibition on www.firenzeturismo.it.

Carnival: Carnevale is not only celebrated in Venice, but also in Florence. It starts in the end of February and lasts until March for several days and is meant to symbolize the beginning of spring. It is not as famous and as big as the Venetian carnival, but still there are parades taking place and people are disguising themselves and putting masks on. The biggest parade starts at Piazza Ognissanti and ends at Piazza della Signoria. Moreover, a costume contest is on and madrigal concerts are being given.

florenz karneval February in Florence

If you are in Florence at this time, you will enjoy it. Because carnival brings a lot of fun to everyone!

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Have a wonderful stay in the amazing Florence!

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