Fabulous February in Florence

This February why not take a loved one to visit Florence for Valentines Day, where you can both marvel at the beauty of the city and see some of the finest Italian renaissance art that exists. It is only in fairly recent years that Florence has started celebrating Valentines day in the same way the UK and USA do, by using flowers and hearts, as for the Italians it is a day celebrating St Valentino. However, Florence has always been a popular destination for lovers as it is considered to be a very romantic and beautiful city. 


There are a lot of things to do that will suit everyone, so listed below are a few suggestions for you to consider.

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© image: Viareggio Carnival Parade 2013

The Viareggio Carnival is the biggest carnival in Italy and takes place during the weeks leading up to Mardi Gras and the start of Lent! The Carnival of Viareggio and its floats in "papier mache" contain a lot of political and social satire, which make this carnival one of the most significant and prominent in Italy, and each year it is something that the whole population looks forward to. The Carnival of Viareggio, which has been taking place each year for over 140 years, continues to amaze anyone that finds themself wandering around its streets during the festivities.


Take a Stroll through the Leather Markets

Italy, and Florence in particular, are famous for leather clothing and accessories. As you walk through the leather markets you will be enticed in by the delightful smell of leather. At these markets you can find lovely real leather items often a lot cheaper than they would be in the shops. A few things to remember whilst at these markets is that, although they are not Asian or Arabic markets, it is still very posible to barter so I would never recommend paying the listed price. Also be very wary of pickpockets and people nearby selling fake handbags as you can be fined up to €10000 for purchasing fake goods. There are 2 markets and both are located very close to each other and next to the San Lorenzo Church.


Eat Two Scoops of Gelato Every Day

If you are in Florence you simply must taste the Florentine Gelatos. There are Gelato shops all over the city with more flavours than you can possibly imagine, so during your time spent there be sure to try as many flavours as possible!

As well as this in early February there is an artisinal Chocolate Fair which is held in Piazza Santa Croce for a week. February 4th – 7th, from 10 am – 10pm. 


Cocktail & Concert at Bardini Gardens

This February at the Bardini Gardens in Florence there is a cocktail concert taking place. Entrance tickets are approximately €4 including a cocktail and the venue offers a stunning view of the city skyline as it is quite high up. This giant villa is on the southern side of the city, close to the Arno River, and before the concert for an extra €2 you can take a tour of the house and its grounds.

Classical music concerts are held in the elegant hall with cocktails and snacks included.  

The concert takes place on Tuesdays, February 4 & 18 at 5 pm (4 pm to visit villa and see exhibit)

Costa San Giorgio, 2 (for more into tel: 055 20 06 62 06)


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