February in Rome


You are travelling to Rome in February and want to make plans what you will do there? We will give you some insider tips to experience the best things in the everlasting city of Rome!

Vivaldi – The Four Seasons: On the 18th and the 25th of February, the Orchestra of the Accademia d’Opera Italiana will perform The Four Seasons, Vivaldi’s most famous work! The classical concert will be shown at 8:30 p.m. in the main hall of the All Saints Church in Rome.

vivaldi February in Rome

Antonio Vivaldi published this concert in 1725. The concert is divided into four parts, whereas each part is meant to portrait a season: La Primavera, L’Estate, L’Autunno, L’Inverno – spring, summer, autumn and winter.
If you like classical music, you shouldn’t miss this concert, it is breathtakingly beautiful. You can find tickets online at http://www.classictic.com.

La Tavernaccia: La Tavernaccia is said to be one of the best restaurants in Rome. It is located relatively close to the city centre and offers amazing Roman cuisine. As a starter, we recommend the garlic bruschetta which is served with hand-sliced prosciutto. As a main dish, you should try one of the restaurant’s excellent pastas, especially the lasagna is very good. The staff in the restaurant is super friendly and warm, it’s a nice restaurant to go to with your children as well. Average costs per person are about 25€ with a nice, well selected wine. Find more information about La Tavernaccia online, we also tell you the direction of the wonderful restaurant: Via Giovanni di Castel Bolognese 63, Roma.

lasagne February in Rome

Italy vs. Scotland: On the 22nd of February, the rugby team of Italy will play versus Scotland. The match starts at 2:30 p.m. in the Stadio Flaminio in Rome and is part of the RSB Six Nations games. You can see the best players live and enjoy an afternoon of sports. Find tickets here.

stadio flaminio February in Rome

For the case that you are still looking for a perfect accommodation, you can find one here.

Enjoy your stay in Rome, it’s a wonderful city with a lot to discover!

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