February in Venice

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You are going to visit Venice this February? Find out what you shouldn’t miss whilst being there!

Opera: Verdi – La Traviata: The opera “La Traviata” has been written by Giuseppe Verdi, who was an Italian Romantic composer in the 19th century. La Traviata is based on the novel Camille (“The Lady of the Camellias”) by Alexandre Dumas. The opera has been premiered at Teatro La Fenice, the opera house in Venice, in 1853, divided into 3 acts. In the beginning, the audience didn’t like the opera that much; this is why the opera has been revised. Today, La Traviata, which means “The Fallen Woman”, is one of the most famous operas in the world.

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The opera is about a mistress, Violetta Valéry, who has been cured from an illness and thus gives a party. At this party, she meets Alfredo, a man who is in love with her. They begin to spend time together and Violetta falls in love with him as well. They live together – with dramas involved – until she dies in his arms because of her illness.

It’s a romantic, dramatic and heart wrenching opera which you will enjoy a lot if you are a fan of operas! It can be seen from the 15th until the 27th of February. Buy tickets online at http://www.veneziaopera-tickets.eu.

“Venezia: The Story of Venice”: Venezia: The Story of Venice is a play being presented in Venice itself. During the whole month of February, it can be seen in Teatro San Gallo. It’s a nice way for tourists to get to know more about the city, its people and its culture as the play is both – informative and entertaining, telling the story of the city.

Find tickets and schedule for the play here.

“Carnevale di Venezia”: Il Carnavale di Venezia is like a fifth season, it is a highly important event for everyone living in the city or coming to visit Venice at this time. It starts on the 15th of February and lasts until the 4th of March. Carnival in Venice goes back to medieval times in the 12th century where Italian courts celebrated the defeat of Venice over Aquileia, a big city of the Roman Empire, in 1162.

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Today, with its masks, animal fights and fireworks, carnival in Venice is one of the greatest and most famous carnivals in Italy. It starts 10 days before Ash Wednesday with the flight of an angel: a celebrity – fastened on a steel rope – floats down the bell tower Campanile above the St Marks Square. From then on, there are different kinds of spectacles being shown on several stages. People disguise themselves and parades are taking place. On Sunday, an award is being awarded to the most beautiful costume, which is the highlight for everyone.

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Carnival in Venice is a carnival of fairytales and marvels. You can find the program online.

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Enjoy your stay in Venice, February is a wonderful month to go there!

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