February in Venice – It’s time for Carnival!

carnival in venice

Winter in Venice means cold, foggy and rainy days. Don't get me wrong, Venice looks still beautiful in its grey coat. Nevertheless everyone is already waiting for the colorful and exciting season coming soon – Carnival in Venice!

It's time for Carnival again. The most colorful and entertaining event is on the agenda. There will be several events and activities in the city waiting for you. Don't miss the biggest festival in Venice! Come to the city from January 31 to February 17. You won't regret it!

carnival in venice February in Venice   Its time for Carnival!

Carnival in Venice © image: Stefano Montagner (flickr)

To introduce you in the topic, here is a short history of the Venice Carnival.
In the 5th century people started using the time before Lent to amuse themselves. The Venice Carnival was first held in the 11th century to do exactly this. People also talked about the day before Lent (Fat Tuesday) becoming a public holiday. They also introduced wearing masks so that there was a measure of equality. In these days of Carnival, conflicts and rivals between powerful families were forgotten and everyone was celebrating together. Besides entertainment and pleasure people also found freedom of expression in these days. They could critize and make fun of whomever they wanted. This wasn't possible at any other time or place. During the years, the Venice Carnival got also attention around the world. Monarchs and other people from foreign countries came to the city to enjoy this event.

couple in love carnival venice 1024x682 February in Venice   Its time for Carnival!

Today the Venice Carnival is still the most known international festival of the city.
There are multiple events such as shows and performances around the city.

This year the Venice Carnival works close together with the Milan Expo 2015. This edition of the Venice Carnival will be focused on good taste, quality and refinement: "The most delicious festival in the world!" 

A couple in love, Venice © image: Frank Kovalchek (flickr)

In the following, we prepared a list with the most important events for you. See the whole programme of the Venice Carnival here.

January 31 and February 1
La Festa Veneziana sull'acqua – Venetian water party
This event starting at 6.30pm will open the Venetian Carnival as usual. There will be music, rythm and joy to discover at the Canal Grande e Sestiere di Cannaregio.

The next morning at 10.30am this event will go on. On Sunday, there will be the big water parade sailing along the Canal Grande to the district of Cannaregio. The audience is able to watch these unique boats and to taste Venetian food specialities while listening to music and rythm. This is an event you shouldn't miss at all!

venice carnival 1024x768 February in Venice   Its time for Carnival!

February 7
On Saturday, there will be the opening of the Gran Teatro di Piazza San Marco. There will be also concerts and other performances of national and international artists. On the same day, there will be the start of the Best Masked Costume Contest. Book your place at Gran Teatro di Piazza San Marco, and enjoy all those highlights live! 

February 8
There will be still a lot of nice events at Piazza San Marco this day. But the Flight of the Angel is definitely the most           Carnival, Venice © image: Frank Kovalchek (flickr)
outstanding one. The female winner of the last edition of the "Festa delle Marie" will be the angel of this year. She will fly along with a rope from San Marco bell tower to the middle of the square.

February 12-17
During the Fat Week, there will be still a lot of events going on in Venice. There are several events holding for the two contests "Best Masked Costume" and "Festa delle Marie" and there is a lot of music and rythm in the city.

February 17
On Fat Tuesday, there are some other highlights taking place at Piazza San Marco. Besides the final and award of the two contests, there will be also the "Svolo de Leon" – which shows the highest tribute to the lion. With this closing ceremony, the Carnival comes to an end.

Besides the traditional programme of the Venice Carnival, there are also several other events and activities to discover. For example, you have the possibility to explore Venice by doing a Murder and Mysteries Tour or learn all about the Secrets of Venice's Carnival by following Giacomo Casanova's footsteps. 

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