Feel like a Gladiator in Rome

Roman Gladiator school for families in Rome

Enjoy one day being a gladiator like in the old roman time in the gladiator school in Rome.

The day begins with a two-hour lesson in the Gladiator school, where you will learn how to fight with ancient and authentic weapons- like in the past in Rome.

The teachers are professionals from the Historic Group of Rome whose job it is to revive the Roman life and gladiatorial combat in order not to keep the history of Rome.

roman gladiator school Feel like a Gladiator in Rome

During the lesson you will be equipped with a real gladiator tunic, belt, leather protective glove and training swords.

Live your dream as a gladiator and fight like in the arena against wild animals or other gladiators.
Feel the life of Spartacus!

Still you must learn how to win against these animals.
This is why your instructor will show you the real sword fighting techniques.
There will be a simulation of a real tournament, in which the winner gets a victory prize.

After the lessons you are a real Gladiator and you will receive a certificate for it.
Come to the school and see how the lessons are organized.
It is free to watch your friends becoming a Gladiator.

If you like to join you are welcomed!
The minimum age for the kids is 6 years.    
In additional you will get drinks and  you can visit the Museum of the Gladiator School in Rome.

Book and become a gladiator.

After an exhausting fight the Gladiators had to sleep a lot. If you want to be a Gladiator you should also sleep comfortable in your house. We can help you. Check your apartment in Rome and sleep well!

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