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Not only summer is full of experiences, adventures, joy and priceless moments in Barcelona, but also September is. 

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September is considered as a month of Fiestas.

The most important fiesta La Mercé (Barcelona´s annual summer fiesta) brings together many other smaller local fiestas. Although other local siestas don’t have the same importance, all of the fiestas are breathtaking with a lot to offer. For sure, they will pull into adventure locals as well as tourists, from kids to adults.

Fiesta de La Mercè

It is called after one of Barcelona's patron saints (the other being Santa Eulàlia) and it is one of the biggest Barcelona´s annual fiestas. 24th of September is the main celebration day that is also a public holiday in the city. However, the celebration is happening for 4 or 5 days and always on a weekend. There are many activities all over the city. It´s an opportunity to enjoy some authentic Catalan culture (for example, human towers, processions of giants and ‘big heads', and fire runs).All of those Catalan activities are all as spectacular as they sound. There will also be visual arts, dance performances, concerts, circus acts, open days at museums and other cultural sites, wine tastings. It all will be gathered together with one of the city's most extensive firework displays of the year in Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina.
Fiesta de La Mercè is a useful excuse for Barcelona to ease itself out of summer and into autumn with a week of fun activities that are all free.

When-  22.- 25.09
Where- all over Barcelona,
How much- almost all activities are free of charge.

For more information and programme check here.

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BAM Festival

The BAM Festival (Barcelona Acció Musical) is a music festival and it promotes the best independent artists. The festival has already 18 editions. It provides various music styles: the best musicians in folk to the best ones in electronic music, not forgetting also about rock, pop and indi sounds. The festivals is taking place at the same time as Fiesta de la Mercé. Both festivals perfectly complement each other.
Each year in the festival  you can meet big names from the world of music, both- nationally and internationally renowned.

Festival is held at the end of September (the week of 24th of September) in different stages located all around Barcelona. All concerts are free of charge.

Check the website for more information by clicking here.

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Festa Major De Sant Miquel

This is a celebration of Barceloneta neighbourhood.  Barceloneta is one of the most charming areas with one of one of Barcelona's oldest and best-loved beaches.
This annual festival takes place in the last week of September. The fiesta has lots of fun- concerts, markets, activities for children, and traditions, such as people running through the street throwing and juggling with fire, and many more.

Fiesta Major Del Poblenou

This is the festival that warms up Barcelona (especially the  Poblenou district where the festival is taking place) before the grate Festes de La Mercé. All the main attractions are on Poblenou´s main avenue.

When: first or second week of September,
Where: Poblenou district,
How much: most of the activities are for free.

Fiesta Major De La Ribera

The festival is taking place in one of the areas in Old Town in area called La Ribera. This area is one of the most central and touristic areas in the Barcelona city.

When: middle of September,
Where: area of La Ribera,
How much: mostly all activities are for free.

The Catalunya´s national day

This celebration is also called The Diada. It is celebrated on 11th of September. This day is all about demonstrations and some official ceremonies. At this day most of the businesses are closed (except Maremagnum shopping centre and some places in El Born and The Gotic Quarter). However at this day an entrance in some of the museums is free of charge (for example, the National Museum of Catalunya, the History Museum of Catalunya, El Born Cultural Centre etc.)

When: 11th of September
Where: different location all over Barcelona,
How much: cultural activities are for free.

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FC Barcelona game against Atletico Madrid on 21st of Septemberat at Camp Nou.

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Don´t forget that the Piknic Electronik Festival is still taking place in the Jardins Joan Brossa in Montjuic every Sunday.
And you still have an opportunity to have a Dinner with the stars in the Fabra Observatory.
For more information check your previous articles.

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