Florence à la Vespa

Discover the Tuscany on a Verspa Scooter

Do you know the typical setting of romantic Italian movies and posters?
In every second you can see a famous landscape of Italy and people sitting on the Vespa.
What sounds just like a movie can be real for you.
Choose your own stylish Vespa in colors’ you like and go for it!

italien scooter Florence à la Vespa

There are guided tours in order to guarantee a save drive without a lot of traffic and tourist and of course to see the most important things of Florence and Tuscany.

You will meet your guide in the city center who gives you your Vespa with the helmets and all that is necessary.
He will explain everything, but driving Vespas is really easy, do not worry.

The trip is in the direction of the hills of Tuscany passing the Church San Miniato al Monte and Piazzale Michelangelo.
At the most important sightseeing things you will have time to take a break and take pictures.
In the hills of Tuscany you will have a better image of the countryside by passing beautiful fields and villages.

vespa tour Florence à la Vespa

After the big tour you will most probably get hungry and the guide will drive with you to a real Italian restaurant, which is included in the tour, to taste Tuscany food.
You will love it!
You can plan this trip up to 10 friends to explore Tuscany all together.
Choose your Vespa and discover Tuscany!

After a Tour in Italian style and a wonderful meal in an Italian Restaurant the only thing which is missing is to see a real Italian house or apartment.
Habitat apartments can help you to feel real Italian in our traditional apartments in Florence.


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