Florence: Carro Matto 2013

Carro Matto – Crazy Wagon


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This celebration in September has its traditions deeply rooted in the past. The wine for Florence was produced in the Rufina area by the “Arte dei Vinattieri” and was brought afterwards on the “carro matto” to Florence. This “crazy wagon” was pulled by oxen to the Piazza della Signoria. On the wagon, the bottles of wine (often over 2,000) were arranged in a pyramid.

The whole procedure was accompanied by a parade involving the public. When the group with the wagon finally reached their destination, the cart was blessed by a priest. Afterwards, at the Palazzo della Signoria, a representative of Florence drank to the health of the people.

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This tradition kept on until today. It is even celebrated with music nowadays.

The schedule for September 28, 2013 is the following:

– 3.30 pm: the pageant starts from Palagio di Parte Guelfa & reaches la piazza San Giovanni, there is the Carro Matto
– 4.00 pm: the Carro Matto gets to via Calzaiuoli
– 4.20 pm: blessing of the wine at the church of San Carlo dei Lombardi
– 4.30 pm: Offer the wine to the public of Florence at the Piazza della Signoria & show historical flag weavers
– 5.00 pm: the Carro Matto arrives at the Cathedral


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