Fabulous Florence with Feasts, Music and Food

March 25 – Florentine New Year, aka Feast of the Annunciation. The Florentines celebrate the end of Winter and the start of the spring season with the Feast of the Annunciation, which involves a parade from the Palazzo Vecchio to Piazza SS Annunziata. People meet in Piazza SS Annunziata to eat, drink, and listen to live music. It is also tradition to go to the church of Santissima Annunziata to marvel at its delightfully decorated interior, which includes frescoes and mosaics of the Annunciation.

Feast of annunciation1 Fabulous Florence with Feasts, Music and Food

Like a lot of European countries Florence celebrates Saint Patrick's Day in true Irish style! – parties, concerts, games, special events, and Irish food and drink – such as Guiness – for 3 days around March 17 in Irlanda in Festa. There is also traditional Celtic music and Irish dance performances at the Irish festival at ObiHall Theater.

There is a famous pub in Florence called Finnegan's Irish Pub which is very proud to be the only Irish pub with Irish owners in Florence. It is likely to be very busy on St Patricks day so head down to enjoy the Craic!


Taste 10 | 7-9 Mar 2015 

The small festival dedicates itself to gastronomic excellence and the love of food. Taste is enjoyed and  attended by the biggest names in the global gastronomic and catering industry along with an increasing number of the public who share a passion for high quality food. You can find more information about Taste Festival here


Vicente Amigo Girol is a famous Spanish flamenco musician, who has played as backing guitarist on recordings by flamenco singers El Pele, Camarón de la Isla, Vicente Soto, Luis de Córdoba and the rociero band Salmarina.

This will be a beautiful night of Flamenco in town. Not to be missed! 

The concert is taking place at the Obihall, 10th of March from 9pm on.


Fiorentina vs. Milan @ Stadio Franchi 15th March (3pm)

This is the 27th soccer game of the season for Fiorentina! It is set to be a great match filled with atmosphere from the stadium.

The ultímate seats if you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere are in the "Curva Fiesole" section. You'll be surrounded by Fiorentina's craziest supporters who will be screaming their hearts out all match! And…Forza Viola!!!

You can buy tickets for Fiorentina vs AC Milan

Spandau Ballet Tour 28 March 2015 @ Mandela Forum

Spandau Ballet are a British new wave band formed in London in the late 1970s. The band initially was inspired by, and an integral part of, the New Romantic movement, becoming one of the most successful groups to emerge during the New Romantic era. 

The group's debut single "To Cut a Long Story Short", which reached No. 5 in the UK in 1980, was the first of ten UK Top 10 hits, including a No. 1 single in 1983 with the song "True". 

The band have also had eight UK Top 10 albums, including three "greatest hits" compilations and an album of re-recorded material…


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