Formula One 2014: Barcelona welcomes the Spanish Grand Prix


Fans can finally breath again: the Formula One hast just started! The new season kicked off last Saturday in Australia and will from now on travel the world as every year. Like usual, there will also be a stop in Spain racing for the Spanish Grand Prix in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

bcn formula1 Formula One 2014: Barcelona welcomes the Spanish Grand Prix
To be precise: this race doesn’t take place directly in town but a little northeastern the Catalan Capital. From May 9th to 11th friends of cars and speed can enjoy the atmosphere of high-technology vehicles turning their laps. Since the early 1990s the small town Montmeló holds this super-event but didn’t really earn a lot of fame from its hosting since the huge town of Barcelona is so nearby. With the aim of successfully completing 66 racy rounds the ambitioned drivers will take over the Circuit de Catalunya – a race track which is famous for guaranteeing very exciting competitions. There may be a good balance of slower, middle-fast and fast bends, but those pretty comfortable basic conditions doesn’t mean racing there is easy. On the contrary, the 4655km long Circuit de Catalunya is known for constantly changing its conditions during a race: first, as a result of strong winds there is always sand on the track affecting the road cover – second, the permanent change of wind strength and direction can make driving not an easy task. In addition, there are just some very small opportunities for overtaking, so managing this tricky track can cost a lot of trouble even for experienced drivers.
The same reasons that make driving for the sporty participants so challenging, make watching Massa, Hamilton and Co. so exciting for viewers. This may be a main cause why the Spanish Grand Prix is one of the most popular ones attracting more than 140.000 spectators each time. Special enthusiastics can even enjoy a whole Formula-1-Weekend since there are not just tickets for the main race on Sunday, but also for the test-driving and qualifying on Friday and Saturday available. Whoever is interested by now can easily by his or her tickets here.
So, for now the main question in the time remaining is: who will conquer victory in the race-battle of Barcelona??

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