Galleria Alberto Sordi: art and shopping in Rome


The first shopping mall in the centre of Rome

galleria alberto sordi 300x197 Galleria Alberto Sordi: art and shopping in Rome

Until 2003 Galleria Colonna is a shopping mall named after the actor Alberto Sordi.
It’s located in Piazza della Colonna, five minutes walking from Fontana di Trevi.

The first shopping arcade in the very central Rome is in the gallery of the old Palazzo Piombino. Alberto Sordi Galleria Alberto Sordi: art and shopping in Rome

The building is precious: visiting the shopping centre everything is totally different to the common ones. The ancient and luxury atmosphere spreads between the over 20 boutiques opened from early until late.
Many famous brands such as Jam Store, Zara, AVC and Feltrinelli Bookstore open every day between 10am and 10pm.

You’ll also find cafés were sitting and relaxing, while being fascinated by the amazing architecture.

Because of its unique location, the Galleria Alberto Sordi often hosts exhibitions, musical dance performances, fashion weeks.

It’s also the perfect location for meetings and wedding parties.

Going shopping in Galleria Alberto Sordi is a walk though the history of the capital and a good occasion to find cultural events and well known artists.

Galleria Alberto Sordi
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