Gelato-guide for Rome

How to find the best Gelato in Rome


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Rome and Gelato – two terms that belong together. Who has the desire to eat a gelato, will find a shop easily at the next corner. However, gelato sadly isn’t gelato everywhere. There is much fake gelato out there in Rome that doesn’t taste nearly as good as real gelato.

But how can we identify real Gelato? If you enter a gelateria, analyze the appearance of the gelato critically. Look at its shape, at the colour and of course be critical with its taste.

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Fake gelato often is overburdened with colour and fruits. Real gelato instead has soft colours like the grayish colour for banana flavor. Additionally, don’t be misleaded by the shape. Real gelato is dense and isn’t as stable as fake ice.

Hence, the wrong gelato will stay in their position upwards and airy, whereas high-quality gelato won’t be that ball-shaped. Remember: It’s not always about the outside, but about the inside!

Last but not least of course the taste – You will simply taste the difference, once you ate both types of gelatos. Fake gelato is just mixed with powder and not with real ingredients – as simple as that.

A secret hint is the Gelaterie Fatamorgana with real made gelato!
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