Google Maps Transit. Plan your trip using public transport.

Ejemplo Google Maps Transit. Barcelona

Google Maps Transit. Plan your trip using public transport.

The routes of metro, bus, tram and FGC in Barcelona are now searchable in Google Maps.

Barcelona was already on the global map of all Google Maps. It may take some time, the plane and photographic images via satellite that fly over the city – the two most popular actions -, hundreds of photo´s, videos and buildings in 3D, down to the street level with the Street View application and take a walk anywhere, to name just some of the most common.

Now, Barcelona took a step forward. With Google Maps Transit you can find paths to get from one point to another with public transport, a useful tool for both locals and for visitors. Here you can make a quick planning and it makes it easy to move around in the city.

* Here is an example of how to use this application:

Imagine you're in one of the apartments of Habitat Apartments. For example: Casp Apartment and you want to go to Central Station Barcelona Sants.

1) Enter Google Maps Transit

2) Indicate the exact departure and destination address (street address, city)

3) You´ll see directly a map marked with the travelling plan, point by point, traveling by public transport.

Google Maps Transit  Google Maps Transit. Plan your trip using public transport.

Google Maps Transit is available in 12 different languages and is compatible with screen readers for people with disabilities. It is updated once a week and includes 2,989 stops and 99 bus lines of the EMT; eight lines and 140 subway stations, in addition to 108 routes and 2,573 bus stops of the TMB; 75 stations of the FGC and six lines, 56 stops of the Trambaix and Trambesòs networks. In the first half of 2011 RENFE-Rodalies will join and it is also expected that Bicing will join.


This advance means that people who want to visit the city can, in addition to Google Maps to locate where their hotel is, check if it is well connected with atractions they want to visit. So you can see in detail how to get to Parc Güell, the Picasso Museum or to Camp Nou. Once in Barcelona, from your mobile which is connected with the internet – by the many applications available for Google Maps -, you can also know when to arrive at the chosen site by adding the offset to walk to the first midship of transport and there from the last until the end of the travelling plan. The functions that offer other local services via the Internet, but which is now available on the map that everyone knows.

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