Green Park area in Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport

Sala del Parque natural dentro del Aeropuerto de Amsterdam

Plans to visit Amsterdam with Habitat Apartments? If so, when you reach the airport, visit the newest area. Here we'll tell you a bit about it:

Last May, the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport opened the first "park" airport in the world. The new area is "like a city park, with quiet, green places to eat."

Nuevo Parque del Aeropuerto de Amsterdam 300x198 Green Park area in Amsterdam Schiphol AirportOne of the most boring part of a trip is having to spend long periods of time in the airport waiting area, especially if we consider those days when we see the dreaded words "Canceled" or "Delayed" pop up on the screen. Generally the airport environment is not particularly pleasant and relaxing, which sometimes causes tension and discomfort.

Therefore, the Dutch authorities have decided to remedy this and have devised ways to relax when you're in the airport waiting for your flight!

zona verde. Aeropuerto 300x170 Green Park area in Amsterdam Schiphol AirportNow, waiting for hours to leave on a plane at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam will not be so tedious. They have created a space where the atmosphere is really relaxed and friendly. This park was the first semi-virtual world in which the traveler feels he is in a natural environment, it is a "green zone" within their facilities. As a center-piece, there is the trunk of a tree 130 years old with flowers and plants, visual displays of greenery, and authentic nature sounds. Now the transit passengers can enjoy this area, located in the Lounge I on the boarding area D of this airport.

In this space you can also find a kiosk and a café with organic products. Light is provided by LED lamps that can power themselves when users pedal the stationary bikes, this technology can also allow travelers to at the same time recharge their phones if they are in this area.

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