Halloween in Amsterdam

Eleven years organizing Amsterdam Ghost costume parties, 'Freak Show' is an imaginative, dark Halloween Spook Festival in Amsterdam which has become an enormously popular event in Holland.


The festival is set in the time when people wore laced corsets, high dignitaries wore hats and even cell phones were powered by steam. This exhibition of freaks is a refined form of entertainment. This is a good Amsterdam Halloween 300x199 Halloween in Amsterdamopportunity to dress up as human abnormalities, ranging from the bearded woman to sword swallowers, ape-men, the elephant man, completely tattooed people, two-headed cows, the Living Torso and hermaphrodites.

With a program full of deformed DJs, creative performances and offensive acts, the theme of the infamous Halloween party this year is a tribute to the freak shows of the Victorian era.


Carnival of Hellucinations | The Donnerwetter | Missy Fatal | Sugar Sluts | Steampunk Court Sans| Wannabe A Star | Two-headed Pigeon Monkeys | DJ Pat & Raven | Erin Tasmania (Club Vegas)


A costume is required and everything is permitted! Come in your best Halloween  outfit or BE A FREAK. Theme inspired circus freak, a mutant Victorians or showman, to name a few! Or dress up as a living chess-board, the hairiest man on earth, blood-sucking master, drunken clown or a zombie with a few too many limbs. The possibilities are endless. Be inspired by Freaks (1940), Carnivale, Freak Show, Edward Scissorhands, Brazil, The Elephant Man, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Dracula, Frankenstein and Lady Gaga.

If you're in Amsterdam do not miss this! It's a good experience to do Halloween the Dutch way!
Amsterdam Halloween Freakshow 2011 211x300 Halloween in Amsterdam

Location: In the Odeon, Singel 460, 1017 AW Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Date: 29 October 2011

Time:  22:00 – 5:00

Entrance: €19.50

Phone- number: 020 – 521 8 555


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