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When bread is not only to accompany, but becomes the protagonist: [H]arina Bakery in Madrid        

James Joyce told "mistakes were the portals of discovery".

The oldest and most original form of leavened bread was probably discovered by a big mistake.

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Do you know what sourdough is? Basically, you have to mix wheat flour with water and let it sit in the open air at room temperature.  Then wild yeasts in the air will settle in the mix, eat the natural sugars and convert them into lactic (and other) acids which give it a sour flavor. The process needs to be treated for several days, but it is still the simplest and most natural way to get yeast you can employ for bread.

First time I tried this kind of bread, I definitely realize the enormous difference, and the high quality it has. It’s so tasting, easy to digest, different: such an amazing discovering!

This is why I am always looking for bakeries that use this type of procedure for their products. It's totally natural, lighter, more tasting and healthy. And the bread, while not having any kind of preservative, it retains much without getting old.

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In Madrid, my favorite one is [H]arina. In this lovely place, with a magnificent views to Puerta de Alcalá, you can sit in or just buy and take away. And you will definitely find an amazing handmade bread using sourdough seven days a week.

Bread lovers will choice between: large loaf, baguette, rural bread, bread with five seeds, nuts and raisins bread, olive bread, bread made of dried tomato, onion bread, garlic bread…

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And if it seems not enough, at Harina they prepare salads, sandwiches and tasting cakes. Everything strictly homemade!
Enjoy it.

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Plaza de la Independencia, 10 – Madrid

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