How Hanukkah is celebrated in Rome

Jewish Hanukkah festivity in Italy


Hanukkah rome 300x225 How Hanukkah is celebrated in Rome

Hanukkah and Christmas have several similarities: Something is lighted in the evening, presents, food and music are included and the whole family comes together! However, there are still some differences, which make Hanukkah unique.

Find out how Hanukkah is celebrated in Rome, Italy:

Hanukkah is a festivity that takes place over 8 nights from the 20th December until the 28th December. The traditional menorah, a nine-branch candleholder is lighted in the evening. Usually, every family has its own menorah. In Rome a huge menorah is lighted together in the Jewish community at Piazza Barberini. If you wander around further in the Ghetto, the old Jewish quarter, you can find the typical Hanukkah atmosphere.

Below you can find the lightning of the menorah at Piazza Barberini in the past:


Credit pictures: Ciaran Blumenfeld

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