Il Margutta RistorArte in Rome


Vegetarian Philosophy between Food and Art


Have you ever listen to the old song Via Margutta? Probably not, you should be Italian, or even from Rome… Anyway, it's a romantic song speaking about the homonymous romantic street in Rome.

Via Margutta, in fact, is a charming, quiet lane.

Although it is fully in the city centre, it still maintains its garden atmosphere, perfumed by trees and vineyards, which has made it a perfect choice for artists, painters, sculptors, and antiquarians.

The Margutta RistorArte, as you can imagine, is located right there.


Born in 1979, it is much more then a restaurant. Its name in fact suggests with a word play the whole philosophy of this place. The Margutta RistorArte is a vegetarian restaurant, a cultural center, a meeting point for people of alternative culture, a fashion point in town.

All with a common directions: the pleasure of food, the respect for nature, the love for art and nature and the need to protect and respect the rights of all animals.

In those 30 years of experience Margutta RistorArte has preserved its values ​​and has consolidated its offer.

Vernissage, books launches, jewelry collections, catering, events, art gallery.

But most of all: the elaborated food, with high quality products and a great variety in the menu. Options for vegan as well.  


Try it, if you like to discover new places and new ideas.

Il Margutta RistorArte

Via Margutta 118, 00187 Roma – Tel :  +39 06. 32650577

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