Enjoy to be Italian for one day in Rome

Get to know Rome's culture with Rome Food Tours

If you have the idea to come to Rome and learn as authentically as possible the Italian culture, come and join Rome's Food Tours.

italy food tour Enjoy to be Italian for one day in Rome

This guided tour gives you another point of view of Rome and Italy because it is not a typical tourist sightseeing tour.

The purpose of the tour, like the name says, is to learn the Italian kitchen and to see how diverse the food in Rome is.

At the same time you will detect a lot of sightseeing places in Rome.
The tour we recommend the most, is the Rome Walking Food Tour which takes 4 hours.

This tour will give you the chance to explore Rome like a local.
This is why the chosen places are in areas where you do not find tourists so fast.

The guide will take you to 7 different places to savor 12 amazing Italian dishes. Meanwhile you will know the history and important facts about the area, the food and everything which is related to Rome.

At the end you will have the chance to taste the BEST food of Rome. It is a surprise.

The guided tour costs 65€ for an adult and 45€ for a child. To see the time table for the tours and more information check the website of Rome Food Tours.


Another important place where you should feel like a local is your home. Check our webpage and find your apartment for your stay in Rome.


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