January is the start of a fresh new year. We have already listed the best things to do in Barcelona for this month.

Fc Barcelona January 2016

January is the start of a fresh new year. We have already listed the best things to do in Barcelona for this month. So you can start 2016 already with a great experience.

FC Barcelona

Fc Barcelona plays 3 league games at home during the month of January. Will Barcelona stay ahead of the rivals from the capital ? We will all find out during the first month of the year.

FC Barcelona – Granada C.F 09/01/2016
FC Barcelona – Athletic Club 17/01/2016
FC Barcelona – Atlético Madrid 31/01/2016

Fc Barcelona January 2016

Picture from http://ramzavala.tumblr.com

You can find information and tickets here

Three kings day

The three kings day (Dia de los Reyes Mayos) is one of the most celebrated festivals in Barcelona. The day itself is on the 6th of January, But the main party starts on the evening before the official day. The three wise man will arrive around 16:30 at Port Vell.  From there, the parade ( Cabalgata de Reyes) will go through the city of Barcelona. During this parade, the floats are highly decorated and music is playing while they are going sweets and small gifts to the sweet children, and give coal to the naughty ones. 

The finish of the parade will be around 21:30 at the junction of Avinguda Rius I Taulet and Avinguda Maria Cristina, Close to the Magic Fountain of  Montjuic.

Three kings Barcelona 2015

Torre Agbar

This relatively new attraction of Barcelona ( opened on 16 September 2005) is probably the most beautiful in the winter months. the tower represents a water fountain that constantly changes its appearance. Depending on the incidence of light, the tower changes its colors – the colored aluminum sheeting that reflects the light consists of 40 different colors of high gloss.

Torre Agbar January 2016

Picture found on Flickr.com

You can find more information about Torre Agbar here

080 Barcelona Fashion

The 080 Barcelona Fashion show will take place from 1 till the 5th of January. The show is created to promote fashion and creativity within the city of Barcelona. The event will take at palau del rei major, Placa Del rei.


There are many sales during the month of January in Barcelona. Typically the January Sales would start around the 10 January and will take place till the end of the month.



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January Habitat Apartments

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