January in Madrid – enjoy it like a royal

porta de alcala

Madrid – this is the royal capital of Spain. Once, even the royal family lived here in the Royal Palace. Today, they live a little bit outside of the city. But Madrid has not lost its royal touch!

The Spanish capital has a lot to offer in January. You are looking for a nice destination to relax and to live from day to day? Madrid is the perfect choice for you! Have a look at our recommendations and book your trip to the city soon!

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Puerta de Alcalá, Madrid

Madrid does not live from its amount of sights. This city convinces with its charm and atmosphere. You can discover all the sights of Madrid in one or two days. But to get to know the city, it takes so much longer. There are so many nice places, cafés and restaurants to see. So, we recommend you take at least five days to experience the charm of the city.

In Spain, the Christmas season lasts until January 6, the day of the three kings. So, the Christmas markets and Christmas lights will be still there in the first week of January. For everyone who hasn't enough of Christmas can enjoy the atmosphere a little bit longer. There will be also the highlight of the Christmas season on January 5 when the three kings arrive in Madrid. Read more about the history of the three kings at January in Barcelona.

There will be the parade of the three kings which will be watched by thousands of children with their parents. The parade is based on elaborate floats whose riders are usually throwing sweets to the children. If you are travelling with your children, this event should be definitely on the top of your to-do-list!

parc retiro 1024x764 January in Madrid   enjoy it like a royalIf you are coming to Madrid in January, it might be a little bit cold and sometimes rainy or cloudy, but isn't this the best excuse to visit one of the several cafés and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or chocolate? So, go for it! To taste the famous biscuits called "Churros" we recommend you the Chocolateria San Ginés. This place is supposed to sell the best churros in the city.Check it out!

El Cine Doré – This cinema is not only the oldest one in Madrid, it also shows several classical and recent movies in English. If you are looking for a nice activity in the evening or on a rainy day, this might be
Parc de Retiro, Madrid                                                     
      the perfect choice for you.

Another nice way to spend some hours is going to the theatre. There are multiple theatre in Spain's capital which offer a wide range of shows. If you are travelling with children, we recommend you "El lobo y las 7 cabritas" in the theatre Galileo or "El gran libro mágico" in the theatre La Latina. Otherwise, there are several other plays performing next month. Have a look at the whole theatre programme in January

There are also multiple musicals in the city. If you prefer to attend one of those singing plays, have a look at all musicals coming to Madrid in January.

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Coming to Madrid means also that you should go for some shopping. Besides buying souvenirs for you and your family and friends, you should also make use of the amazing winter sale. There are two big discount periods every year. One in the end of summer and the other one in January and February. There will be discounts up to 70%. Don't miss this opportunity! 

                                                                  Palacio Reial, Madrid

If these activities haven't convinced you, the architecture and flair of the city definitely will. There are so many nice buildings in Madrid dominated by the architecture of the last millenium. Also beautiful places like the Royal Palace or the Parc Retiro are worth seeing. Regarding all these nice places, you begin to understand why Madrid is the capital of Spain, and not Barcelona or another city. Madrid is beautiful. Madrid is ancient. Madrid is royal.

But do not forget to rest during your stay and visit some of those nice cafés. As I mentioned before, you can not get to know the city by following a sightseeing list. You have to find your own way to the city's heart. Stroll through the city, enjoy the beautiful architecture and atmosphere, and feel like a local person – feel royal.

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Alcalá Deluxe apartment, living area

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