January in Venice – Discover Great Opportunities!


The beautiful city of Venice has a lot to offer this January. So treat yourself, come and pay a visit! Below are a few different activities that are taking place this January!


Venice skating January in Venice   Discover Great Opportunities!


Carnival of Venice 2015

History of the Carnival of Venice
The Carnival of Venice is nearly 1000 years old and began when Doge Vitale Falier in 1094 decided that before Lent the Venetians should have some days of public fun and amusement. It is famous for its use of crazy costumes and masks. This tradition began so that celebrities and important people were able to join the party without having to worry about public image.


These days the Carnival of Venice is enjoyed equally by locals and tourists alike. It is like a circus with people running around in medieval fancy dress and masks. It is thoroughly recommended that you wear a mask and costume in order to truly embrace the experience! The more people wear a costume the more successful will be the Venice Carnival.

Throughout the entire Carnival there are different shows and events in most parts of the city and also private parties in the Palaces. The Carnival of Venice 2015 starts on the 31st of January 2015 in the Canal in front of the Carnival Palace Hotel and will continue until Fat Tuesday on the 17th of February 2015.


An exhibition at Palazzo Ducale describes the story of the Doges and Dogaressas in Venice.

The apartment of the Doge at Palazzo Ducale in Venice, renovated for the opening of the exhibition, follows the great success achieved through works from the prestigious collections of the Museo Correr. Its Library and its cabinets of drawings, prints and numismatics are the historical evolution of a symbolic figure of Venice.

The Doges and Dogaressas in Venice tell through paintings, sculptures, illuminated manuscripts, coins, medals and traditional insignia of power, the story of an extraordinary world collapsed in 1797 and later immortalized in the size of myth.

The scenic route starts with three important depictions of the Lion of St. Mark, the work of Jacobello del Fiore (1415), Donato Veneziano (1459) and Vittore Carpaccio (1516), which represents the beautiful portraits of the Doge. The exhibition also features Works from Francesco Foscari, Alvise Mocenigo and Leonardo Loredan. The portrait of Sebastiano Venier by Andrea Vicentino closes the series of the Doges that have made Venice important with the energy and commitment of the use of weapons, which culminated in the Battle of Lepanto.

A big part of the space in the exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Dogaressas, particularly to Morosina Morosini Grimani (1595-1605), of which are shown a portrait attributed to Palma il Giovane and a celebratory painting of his coronation, and to Elisabetta Querini Valier (1694-1700), the fourth and last wife of a Serenissimo to receive officially a public investiture.


A big ice skating rink in Venice from Christmas 2015 until Carnival 2015

From the 6th december until the the 17th February, like every year in Campo San Polo in Venice, a modern skating rink on ice will be installed.

The ice rink, measures about 600 square metres and accomodates roughly 200 skaters. It is located deep in the heart of the city of Venice and is only a short walk from the Rialto Bridge. Surrounding the track, there is a Christmas Market style village that sells typical Christmas products such as wine and local artisan goods.

The area is designed so that during the day it is especially appealing to children and families, while during the evening there are Figure Skating shows that will appeal to everyone.

Of course skates are available to rent for a small fee.


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(Ice skating picture taken from the veniceexperience.blogspot.com) 

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