Jay-Z in Amsterdam – October 2013

Magna Carter World Tour

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Yes you heard right! Jay-Z will perform his Magna Carter World Tour at the end of this month in Amsterdam at the Ziggo Dome.

Shawn Corey Carter – this is his real name – is an American rapper, who is indeed successful in the area of hip-hop. Songs like Empire State of Mind (2009) and Niggas in Paris (2011) are known worldwide. He sold roundabout 50 million albums in all over the world and received a plenty of awards for his work.

His "Watch the Throne" tour was a great success and still all his concerts are extremely favored.

On the 29th October he comes to the Netherlands. The event takes places at 8p.m. at the Ziggo Dome… and guess what: Tickets are still available! You can either buy a normal ticket, an early entry ticket, a hot ticket or a platinum ticket.

Normal ticket

The ticket prices for this category varies between 44 and 86.90€ depending on where you seat or stand. A premium seat is for example the most expensive one within this range.

Early Entry ticket

The fee for this ticket amounts to 189€. You are allowed to enter before the normal ticket holders, get a drink and a tour gift. Additionally, a parking ticket and 2 coins for consumption per person are included.

Hot ticket

This ticket is similar to the one above, with the only difference that you are not allowed to enter earlier. It costs 184€, so 5€ less. It makes sure that you have the best seat for the concert.

Platinum ticket

The prices for these tickets vary between 90€ and 150€ again depending on where you want to enjoy the show. The seats are all in a 100 zone, which means that they are closer to the stage.

To be prepared, you can find the popular new single "holy grail" below.


It will be a huge show, that you shouldn't miss as a real fan ;).

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