L´Ovella Negra in Barcelona

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On the deep breath the air of old taverns of Barcelona

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L'Ovella Negra is part of the L'Ovella Negra group, which has several locations in Barcelona. L'Ovella Negra (Catalan) means The Black Sheep.

L'Ovella Negra is located in the Middle of the city near Ramblas and Plaza Catalunya. A place very tourist with its own charm and where the jars of sangria and beer are the house specialty, both with a cheap price.

This place is one of the favorite option for students to have few drinks, tapas and a good moments.  You will find a lot of  foreign people and also You can meet other travelers very easily because it have big tables.

La oveja Negra Barcelona view 300x159 L´Ovella Negra in Barcelona

The bar has a particular characteristic, has no background music as normally would have any bar, however, this is not a problem, after you sit and drink the first beer, you forget this detail and become to have a lot of  fun.

One thing to take note, the place is a little hide and sometimes is hard to find, looking carefully a big black door in the wall. No signal, no neon walls.

Open time:

Open Mondays to fridays from 9h to 3h in the morning
Saturdays, sundays and holidays from 17h to 3h.

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