La Bolsa Bar in Barcelona

la bolsa bar

It's the one where the prices of the drinks go up and down depending on demand!

la bolsa bar La Bolsa Bar in Barcelona

La Bolsa is a ten-year old bar in Barcelona where a bottle of beer never sells twice for the same price. The price of every alcoholic drink, fluctuates with the ups and downs of demand, rising as the orders mount and falling when no one orders them.

La Bolsa bar was founded ten years ago by Marc Juvillà, along with his brother Jordi. It is located in Calle Tusset and in the actually is a bar where in the mornings serves coffee and sandwiches, in the afternoon serves lunch and during the night drinks and all kind of cocktails.

“The Bolsa is the most interesting and origina bar in Barcelona. The price of drinks varies according to the law of "supply and demand." Super funny! Beat to have a drink!"

More information:
C/ Tuset, 17, 08006 Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 932 02 26 35

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