‘La cocina en su tinta Exhibition’. 22/12/2010 -13/03/2011

Museum of the National Library. 'La cocina en su tinta Exhibition'

From 22/12/2010 to 13/03/2011. Paseo de Recoletos, 20. Madrid

Cocina en su tinta La cocina en su tinta Exhibition. 22/12/2010  13/03/2011'La Cocina en su tinta' an overview of the evolution of gastronomy and cuisine from the Middle Ages to the present through the collection of materials which houses the National Library on the subject: manuscripts, books, magazines, photographs, posters , music, and visual testimonies of some of the most important Spanish chefs.

The importance of proper use of power to fight diseases, the first treatises on hygiene, the importance of table manners,the innovation in products or other dietary habits are some of the issues addressed in this cuisine exhibition. This exhibition count on with the participation and collaboration of the chef Ferran Adria, Isabel Moyano, Manager of the NBS Printed Book, and Carmen Simón Palmer, Teacher Research of Language Institute of CSIC.

Close to this Museum you'll can find our Recoletos apartment. Come and visit!!

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