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cane  corsa La Cursa dels Nassos in Barcelona

Regardless of whether the current year has been good or bad, in Barcelona, on December 31st, we run.

Doesn’t matter if we pheraps run away from something: the point is we run toward the New Year, the new projects and the changes.

This traditional sporting event in December is called Cursa dels Nassos, which it means The Running of the Noises, and provides a path of 10 km in the city to finish in 1h30.

nassos La Cursa dels Nassos in Barcelona

Begun in 1999, the New Year's Eve race reached this year a record of participants, closing entries already some days ago and comprises the 10,000 runners that the regulation provides.

Among them, important names of athletes who won other competitions. Increasing the number of ladies, even if it does not reach yet the 30%.

Great participation of charities who take advantage of popular event to fund humanitarian projects against world hunger.

Nassos Barcelona La Cursa dels Nassos in Barcelona

The races starts on Selva de Mar Street with two starting times. The first will take place at 5:30pm and the second approximately 5 minutes later. The real time of each runner will be taken into account in the final classification of each category. The race route will be duly signalled out and marked at each kilometre. There will be a water station at kilometre 5.

cursanassos2 La Cursa dels Nassos in Barcelona

Even if it's late to partecipate, we all can share the sporting spirit and solidarity!

May the new year run in the direction of happiness !

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