La Virgen del Carmen Festivities

Virgen del Carmen Festival. MarbellaWhat to do this Summer? I want to suggest you to spend your holidays in  Marbella.

Virgen del Carmen Festival 300x160 La Virgen del Carmen FestivitiesWhat to do this Summer? I want to suggest you to spend your holidays in  Marbella.

With 161km of coast line there are many places and events to discover Marbella and sorroundings  and to enjoy your stay to the maximum.  Bellow  I want to detail one of the most important events of this nice city: Virgin del Carmen Festivities

In Marbella the image of the Virgin del Carmen is kept safely 12 metres underground in a vault. Thankfully, she sees the light of day every July 16 on her own very special day, one that is celebrated up and down the Coasts of Andalucia.

One week before the Virgen del Carmen processions there is a mass held in her honour with a choir that sings and a prize at the end for the oldest retired fisherman in town.

Then, one week later on July 16 the Virgen del Carmen festivities take place with a procession over land and out into the sea. On most coastal towns, the main event is usually a procession that takes the image of the Virgin out to sea on a boat. The image made of wood and porcelain spends most of the year at the local church. It is placed onto a flower adorned throne and carried by a group of men led by a brass band. The Virgin is paraded through the streets towards the water, while crowds cheer and throw white carnations onto the throne. The throne is then placed onto a boat and paraded on the bay accompanied by local fishermen on their boats decorated with flowers and lanterns. The flowers are then thrown into the sea and fireworks shoot in the air. Often times you see locals holding onto the boat, some swimming to recover the flowers and others sharing the experience from the beach.

In Marbella the celebration also includes a boat procession between the Puerto Deportivo de Marbella to Puerto Banus. Brass bands play, crowds cheer, rockets shoot off and fireworks fill the late dusk sky. It is also the occasion for local dance schools to display their skills in flamenco performances

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