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A very special place to taste new combinations.
L'Arte povera del Magiare, literally translated as the poor art of eating, is a restaurant with peculiar profile.
Here you can mostly eat sea food and sea fish dishes, preparated with extreme care of details.

The restaurant is a lovely mixture of simplicity and style.
The owners almost diary create new menus and combinations, playing with the look of any plate.
From entrance to dessert, the quality is guaranted! And they are kind and friendly, somenthing that makes the difference when you look for a relaxing night and a good place to enjoy.

seafoof roma 300x198 LArte povera del mangiare

The location is near by Via Prenestina, not in the historic centre. The ambient is cozy and welcoming, offering an inside room and an outside one in a small garden, where an atmosphere of serenity surronds you. Better to book, because it is always crowded!
The menu is full of interesting proposals, but the goal is discovering the diary opportunities! They always offer an aperitif of the house, warm, original and delicious!

Hard to find restaurants in Rome offering creative cuisine at reasonable prices.

Via R. Da Ceri 18 – 00176 Roma
Phone number: +39
329 7243895
Specialties: home made cakes, sea ​​fish grilled, seafood

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