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When choosing a product makes a real difference:

your Biological Beauty in Lush

lush soap Lush Store in Madrid

We believe in long candlelit baths, showering together, soothing massages, theright to be allowed to make mistakes, lose everything and start all over again. And all this in the spread of delicious scents.

This is the idea behind Lush, a successful biological body shop in Madrid.

lush madrid Lush Store in Madrid

More than 20 years ago, the Lush company was founded. They kept themselves as primarily concerned the development of its products with natural ingredients.

Today Lush has more than 700 stores in 46 countries. Still they remain faithful to their natural products and their honest way of working.

So there are no products purchased from companies that are tested on animals and they use minimal or no preservatives or packaging materials.

Lush Shampoo Lush Store in Madrid

The directors of Lush still develop all products and scents by themselves. They especially use the best ingredients, think of real jasmine, which is even more expensive than gold!

All products are hand made​​. Even if the company is expanding they only accept new people instead of machines. Everything to stay as close as possible to the customer and the product.

lush products Lush Store in Madrid

All in all, this approach many lovely products, for every occasion and for both him and her. Take a look at one of the shops in Madrid, only 8 minutes walk from our apartment 1C Capital, or visit their website.

Treat yourself this winter, help the environment and give animals a trial free new year.

Lush Madrid

Fuencarral, 64 Madrid, 28004
Meto Station: L1,L10 Tribunal

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