Madrid in December – Christmas time has started

nativity scene madrid

You won't believe it, but the year is almost over, and Christmas is on the agenda again. The year passed so fast. But let me tell you an open secret: Christmas means also that there will be several entertaining events coming to Madrid – Ice skating, Christmas Lights, Nativity scenes and more. 

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nativity scene madrid Madrid in December   Christmas time has started

Nativity Scene, Madrid

Let me tell you something in general about Christmas in Spain. In this country, the most important Christmas day is the 6th January – the Day of the three kings. Regarding to this fact, the Christmas season in Spain is also longer than in other countries – good for you!

What does a typical Pre-Christmas season mean to you? Are you looking for Christmas Markets, Nativity Scenes and Ice Skating? Well, that is actually the way Madrid will be in December. Have a look at the details and form your own opinion.  

Christmas Markets
Every year, you can find on almost every plaza a small Christmas market offering all kinds of Christmas goodies. But the market on Plaza Mayor, which has been around the longest, is the best. There will be stalls selling decorations, Christmas ornaments, food, crazy colored wigs and more. 
Other great locations might be Plaza España, Santo Domingo, and Plaza de Opera. The last mentioned location offers this year also an artesian food market.

Nativity Scenes
The famous scene: Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Christmas would not be completed without a Nativity scene exhibition showing Christ's birth. This exhibtions can be seen in several official buildings such as the administrative headquarters or Madrid's History Museum.
An interesting place for children might be the department store El Corte Inglés where an original Nativity Scene, called Cortilandia, takes place using animated characters like animals, fairies ect. replacing the historic characters of the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. This place is always full with children and their parents.

Ice Skating
There are multiple Ice Skating rinks in Madrid in Winter. For example, you find some at Plaza Callao and Plaza Luna. The entrance is about 3 to 7.50 Euro per hour. Everyone loves Ice Skating! It is the perfect activity for whole families, friends and couples. Go for it!

christmas lights madrid Madrid in December   Christmas time has startedChristmas Lights
The Pre-Christmas season in Madrid is famous for all the Christmas lights illuminating the city in the evening. The lights are turned on daily at 6pm until at least 10pm filling the city with a magical air. A nice way to experience the Christmas Lights is taking the Navibus. Navi is for Navidad which means Christmas in Spanish. The bus will take you for about 45 minutes through the whole city showing you all the Christmas              Christmas Lights, Madrid

light spots. It leaves every 5-7 minutes from Calle Serrano and costs 2 Euro per person.

Christmas Music
You won't be able to escape all the Christmas music if you want to or not. There will be Christmas songs everywhere – on the radio, in the stores and on the street. But if you are looking for something special, on Plaza de Isabel II there will be a stage offering musical and dance events. 

Christmas shopping
You want to go to Madrid to buy all your Christmas presents? In the city centre between Plaza Mayor, Sol, Gran Vía and Callao you will find any kinds of shops, and all that you need. If you want to take a break from your exhausting shopping trip, go for a hot chocolate and churros – traditional Spanish biscuits

Getting closer to Christmas Eve itself, there is a big event coming to Madrid: El Gordo – the Christmas lottery takes place on 22nd December. "The Fat One" is the biggest lottery in the world as well as one of the oldest. It took place for the first time in 1812, and since then it got more and more important. The draw takes about 3 hours, and you can follow it on the radio. Buy your number now!

What do you think? Are you already in the mood for Christmas? If you are not in the mood yet, just listen to Last Christmas and you are in! 

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reina central apartment   madrid  bedroom Madrid in December   Christmas time has started

Gran Vía Apartment, bedroom


© image Nativity Scene: Raúl Hernández González (flickr)

© image Christmas Lights: Alonso Javier Torres (flickr)


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