Madrid. Passion for Renoir Exhibition. 19 Oct 2010-6 Feb 2011

Peinture de Renoir . Musée du Prado. Madrid

Passion for Renoir Exhibition.  Museo del Prado. Madrid . 19 Oct- 6 Feb 2011

At the concert Madrid. Passion for Renoir Exhibition. 19 Oct 2010 6 Feb 2011During your stay in our Madrid Apartments, We recommend you visit this important exhibition in Museo del Prado Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) was one of the leading artists of Impressionism, as well as a painter highly alert to the lessons of the great masters of the past, including some of those best represented in the Prado, such as Titian, Rubens and Velázquez, whose work he could have seen during his trip to the Museum in 1892. Renoir devoted himself to painting with an all-absorbing passion throughout his career, achieving great renown and popularity among his contemporaries. The outstanding group of 31 works by the artist, which are the finest among the collection of paintings by Renoir assembled by the American collector Robert Sterling Clark (1877-1956), founder of the Sterling and Francine Clark Institute(Williamstown), will be displayed at the Prado in the first monographic exhibition to be held on the artist in Spain.

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