Madrid Pick of the week 10-16 May 2010

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El Corral de la morería

El Corral de la Morería opened in 1957, making it the oldest flamenco show restaurant in Madrid. Its owner wanted to offer the best for his customers from the very beginning, hiring the best chefs and the most distinguished artists. In all aspects, the restaurant strives to offer an exquisite service to the customer, and this is what makes El Corral de la Morería one of the best "tablao flamenco" restaurants in Spain. The restaurant is located in a privileged spot in the heart of Madrid, in the old part of the city, next to the Royal Palace. The premises are
prepared to seat 150 people.

There are 3 different booking possibilities:
– Show (€34 weekdays, €36 Friday/Saturday) plus dinner with one of the fixed menus
– Show (€34 euros weekdays, €36 Friday/Saturday) plus dinner a la carte
– Show plus drink (€34 euros at 12 midnight, or €37 at 10pm. Friday/Saturday: €36 at 12 midnight, or €39 at 10pm)

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San Isidro – 12-16 MaySan isidro Madrid Pick of the week 10 16 May 2010

If you want to experience the most quintessential of Spanish traditions then head for Madrid during its San Isidro festival, or fiesta de San Isidro. Celebrations for San Isidro often start a few days in advance, kicked off by the Mayor’s speech, but it is on the day itself, 15th May, that the locals, or Madrileños, go all out with their traditional dress – flat cap, waistcoat and neckerchief for the men, long dress, headscarf and shawl for the women – and head to the magnificent Plaza Mayor for traditional dancing and open-air concerts.

Museo de la Fundación Lázaro Galdiano, Madrid

The Lázaro Galdiano Museum is actually one of the city's best art museums, showcasing works by many of Europe's Old Masters, housed in the former home of writer and entrepreneur José Lázaro Galdiano. The entrance is made by a colossal central hall which rises through two floors. From there, a number of outstanding works of art are displayed throughout this aristocratic mansion. The highlights include Goya portraits, a series of beautiful Limoges enamels and a cross-shaped pocket-watch worn by Charles V. "The Saviour", a portrait attributed to Leonardo da Vinci is also present.
You may also visit the library that contains over 20,000 books, and if you're interested in the former owner's life or the building itself, note the descriptions and photographs in every room, showing what each space was used for when Galdiano lived there.
With fewer crowds than the other great Madrid museums, this is the city's hidden gem and an exceptional off-the-beaten-path experience.
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