Madrid, Pick of the week 23-29 August 2010

Casa Lucio Restaurant. Madrid

Joaquin Sabina Concert. 26/08/2010. Plaza del Palacio, s/n. Alcalá de Henares. Madrid.

Joaquin Sabina, a master songwriter, has publicly announced that his body has demanded him to stop the excesses of alcohol and sleepless nights. However, even under medication, his subtle irony persists when it comes to portraying the world. Now, after four years of relative silence since he embarked on a tour with Joan Manuel Serrat entitled "Two birds with one stone", Sabina returns with new material, a disc titled Vinegar and roses.

foto3gran 150x150 Madrid, Pick of the week 23 29 August 2010Casa Lucio Restaurant. C/ Cava Baja, 35. Madrid.

Close to our Latina Apartment you can find one of the most exclusive tapas restaurants in Madrid, and reputed to be a favourite of the King of Spain. But expect that getting a table can be a problem though, and prices are high.


Art Museum Reina Princesa Sofía. New Realisms: 1957-1962.
Object Strategies Between Readymade and Spectacle

Close to our Magdalena 38 apartment, you can find this museum. This exhibition takes as its focus the transformative five-year period 1957-1962: beginning at the culmination of modernism, and ending at the cusp of postmodernism. It tracks the passage between the last moment of the reign of abstract painting and the subsequent critical narrowing of diverse activity with the consolidation of (American) Pop Art. The interest here, then, is neither painting nor Pop, but the developments that could be witnessed each year in between, with all the terms in flux.

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