Madrid Pick of the week 26 April – 2 May

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Bajó Cero
One habit of the people of Madrid is to eat an icecream and flush it away with beer after going out. Our preference lies with the modern Bajó Cero. Here you can find eighteen different kinds of ice, fat-free sorbets and other delicacies, including beer as well.
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Worker's day – 1 May
On the 1st of May many countries celebrate Laboral Day (Fiesta del Trabajo). This day symbolises the improvements that have been made on the field of laboral conditions over the past decades. In 1977 this day was celebrated in Spain for the first time in years, for it was forbidden during Franco´s regime.
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The art of power – until 23 May 2010
This exhibition offers an exceptional opportunity to see an important selection of works from the Prado displayed for the first time alongside the collection of armour belonging to Patrimonio Nacional. This is an unprecedented concept for an exhibition and one that establishes a direct comparison between the court portraits painted by leading masters such as Titian and Rubens and the armour worn by Spanish monarchs that symbolised their power at the height of that monarchy’s splendour. The Art of Power. The Royal Armoury and court portraiture.
Because of the limited number of people allowed in at once, it´s recommended to buy ticket in advance via Fee is € 9.
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