Madrid Pick of the week 28 June-4 July 2010

Sala Siroco Madrid - night of reggae

Exhibition of Turner and the Maestros (Prado Museum – 22 June – 19 September)
Siroco Madrid4 150x150 Madrid Pick of the week 28 June 4 July 2010Near the Magdalena 38 apartment, Madrid´s Prado Museum for the first time displays a total of eighty pieces originating from European and Northern American institutions from once came English artist Joseph Turner. His works can now be discussed and links between his creations and creations from other paintors, like Rembrandt, Rubens or Claudio de Lorena, can be made.

Sala Siroco invites you for their night of reggae (Calle San Dimas 3 – 1 July)
You can enjoy a night of reggae with the Thiandoum Brothers, Chema Ama and Jah Williams at Sala Siroco. It´s one of the few places in Madrid that offers concerts all year round and has a load of DJ´s, parties and other leisure activities next to that. The environment is warm and friendly in a London-like style.

El Telégrafo restaurant (Padre Damían 44)
During your stay at our apartments and situated in the heart of Madrid business, you may encounter a small port where you can taste probably the very best shellfish of Madrid. The seafaring spirit pointed out by the decorative elements, this restaurant has been awarded before and is considered one of the best seafood restaurants in Madrid.

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